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"During my time as Device Development Manager at Bespak, I worked with Paul on a number of occasions. His breadth of experience and guidance to help me translate some innovative Inhalation Device designs into practical and robust tooling solutions cannot be questioned. Involving him early to ensure that the prototype and pilot tooling decisions were scalable was also a very positive experience.

I would work with Paul in the future and wish that I could tempt him to work for me directly in my current endeavours. Paul has my recommendation and respect for his tooling and design experience"
Neale Griffiths

“Very experienced Tool Designer with a wealth of experience of Design for Manufacture (DFM) for Injection Moulding. Paul knows a lot about the kind of small & fiddly parts we tend to be involved with and we know we can rely on him. Highly recommended”
Nick Osborn Director at FRP Ltd

“Tool design at its very best. Innovative and intelligence built into the design from the outset. I can't recommend Jigsaw Mould Design highly enough. Ricoh have a philosophy of designing quality into a product rather than inspecting for it at a later date - this is why we choose Jigsaw Mould Design”
Mark Dickin - Senior Engineer Ricoh Products

“Jigsaw Mould Design has provided an effective outsourcing choice for tool design and contract engineering. Jigsaw Mould Design is a key resource which we can turn to for additional expertise in plastic mould tooling when required”
Bob Barton Tooling and Moulding - Manager Bespak

"Paul's industry knowledge and professionalism is such that I do not hesitate to include him in client meetings or other direct customer contact on our behalf. He is our first choice for tool design support"
Micheal Rush - Director at Precision Moulds and Tools Ltd