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Product Design

Our engineers have the knowledge and innovation to take initial concept designs and work with the data to create a useable three dimensional design solution with associated two dimensional drawing data. The design of the component will take into consideration the polymer selection, mould design, processing and the requirement for dimensional stability.

DFM (Design for Manufacture)

We will review commercial designs to establish if there are any areas of the design that could be improved. We will look for:

  • Even wall thickness
  • Areas that will create weak steel sections in the mould
  • Steel safe recommendations
  • Undercut removal
  • Tool design options
  • Optimum feed position(s)
Moldflow Analysis/moulding simulation

Using the latest Moldex3D software we can offer.

  • Basic filling analysis
  • Cooling and Warp analysis
  • Predicted results using the cooling channels in the tool design.

From the analysis problem areas can be identified and minimised. Common issues are, short shots, high filling pressure, unintended weld lines, gas traps, sink/distortion, potential gas traps, inefficient cooling and extended cycle times.

Rapid Prototypes

We can provide rapid prototype parts directly from your 3D CAD data. We can also provide small batch samples from rapid tooling.

Tool Design

This is the core area of our business with many years’ experience in injection moulding design and development. We use the latest NX design software from Siemens to create accurate detailed designs using standard components from Hasco, Meusburger, D-M-E and Knarr.

A three dimensional general assembly is designed to the customer’s URS (user requirement specification). This is submitted for approval. After approval each tooling element is detailed and a bill-of-materials generated. Designs also include three dimensional views of the individual cooling circuits in the tool.

We can provide designs for:

  • Multi-Impression tools
  • Hot-runner tools
  • Two-shot tooling
  • Over-mould tooling
  • Insert Mould tool design
  • Unscrewing tools
  • Three-plate tools

We have a good working relationship with the top hot runner suppliers:

  • Gunther UK
  • Husky
  • Moldmasters
  • Manner GmbH
  • Synventive
Jigsaw Mould Design powered by Siemens NX